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Frequently Asked Questions

You can reach out to the team during the event at, or even jump into the chat room called Summit Support once you’re logged into the platform (during Summit hours).

Before and after the event please reach out to Disha at with any questions. 

You’re in luck! Whilst all event attendees can watch all the content live for FREE, and even access replays for the next 24 hours, after that only those who have upgraded to the Backstage Pass can access Summit content.

Visit to access our amazing pre-show Earlybird offer before the event starts. 

Full disclosure! Once the event starts, at 9am EST on April 25th 2023, the Backstage Pass discount reduces, and once the event closes it reverts to full price. So if this is something you’re interested in – and there’s a HUGE host of other bonus extras bundled with the Backstage Pass, including all the content from previous Summits – go check it out now!

Each sponsor is running their own booths and setting their own prizes. If you win a prize on a booth that sponsor will let you know how they will provide your prize.

They’re all fantastic businesses run by wonderful people, but in the unlikely event you have any problems or don’t receive your prize, please reach out to Disha at

Great question! Atarim is a visual collaboration platform that allows agency and freelancer clients to point & click any part of their website and drop a note or request a change. It makes it quick and easy to get content and feedback from clients, because it makes it quick and easy for them too!

Up to 85% of the time taken to design new websites is lost to the endless, confusing to and fro between agency and client – Atarim can slash this down to a few percent, speeding up projects and increasing both productivity and profitability. 

Tasks can be allocated to team members, marked as urgent, have progress recorded and more, and even client emails can be automatically routed into the project inbox so all communications remain in one place. No more messaging over multiple channels, struggling to find messages or missing requests. 

Even better? You can use Atarim forever, for zero cost! Atarim is free forever (no credit cards required) if the basic features are all you need. We have to be honest though, once you realise what a huge difference Atarim makes to your business, you’ll realise the premium versions pay for themselves 🙂 

Visit to find out more and get started!

We’ve told a much-condensed version of the story of the Summit here – why and how it came into being in the deep, dark depths of covid-addled Spring 2020. The world going into lockdown completely turned our plans – and those of many other businesses in the space – upside down.

It left us needing a new way to communicate with potential customers, now that live events were off the cards, and we also wanted to help the community keep in touch, businesses stay in business and everyone stay positive – and so, the Summit was born! 

I’m not sure at that point that we realised how big it would become, and that 4 years later we would still be running the event annually, but though the world is (mostly) back to normal, there is still such strong and growing demand for this virtual event, we’ve kept it going. 

What’s in it for us? The event is free, with only the Backstage Pass being an optional upgrade for those it’s suitable for, so it’s clearly not about the money! But of course we get to continue to establish ourselves in the space, make contacts at fantastic businesses, and reach thousands of potential new customers, so it’s not entirely selfless! 

But honestly? We just really enjoy it! Coordinating industry leaders, finding great talks for agency owners and freelancers, and of course all the fun of the event itself. We’re lucky to have so many warm, wonderful, witty people in our space, and we always have a great time with them – whether at live events or virtual summits. Long may it continue!

The Atarim Web Agency Summit is an annual event that brings together web agency professionals, including agency owners, web designers, web developers, digital marketers, SEO specialists, and other industry experts. The summit features keynote presentations, panel discussions, interviews, and networking opportunities aimed at providing valuable and genuinely actionable insights and strategies in the field of web agency services.

The summit focuses on various aspects of web agency work, including design and development, digital marketing, user experience (UX) design, search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, and other related topics. It covers areas such as best practices, emerging technologies, business strategies, client management, and industry trends.

Our Atarim Web Agency Summit serves as a platform for web agency professionals to network, learn from industry leaders, share their knowledge and experiences, and stay updated with the latest advancements in web technologies and digital marketing strategies. It provides an opportunity for professionals to enhance their skills, exchange ideas, and stay competitive in the rapidly evolving web agency landscape.

Thank You For Making The Summit AMAZING! 🙌

Huge thank you to all the speakers, sponsors, partners, and of course, 10,567 of you incredible attendees! 
This was a brilliant week and we’re humbled to be able to deliver quality content to thousands of our peers year after year!

If you want to dive into all the mind-blowing advice that 40+ experts have shared on our stage, please support the summit and power up your upcoming year with our All Access Pass and get LIFETIME access to all 40+ hours of the sessions.

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