Panel – From CMS to Digital Powerhouse: The Expansive Power of WordPress and How It Can Reshape the Tech Lan

We have a mouthwatering selection of leading experts here to talk on our panel about how the expansion of WordPress is affecting the wider technology landscape and what effect that has on web design agencies.

These industry leaders will explore how WordPress has transformed from what you could call a simple CMS to a digital powerhouse, disrupting the tech industry and creating new opportunities. Topics include WordPress’s impact on web development, digital marketing, accessibility, and more.

Join us to gain insights into the latest advancements in the WordPress ecosystem and strategies for staying ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Our outstanding selection of panelists includes:

Josepha Chomphosy, Executive Director at WordPress
Greg Karelitz, Director of Platform Partnerships at Hubspot
Lukas Hertig, Senior Vice President Business & Corporate Development at WebPros
Soeren von Varchmin, Chairman of the Advisory Board at CloudFest
Maja Loncar, Field Marketing & Community Manager EMEA at GoDaddy
Remkus Devries, Truer Than North (Co-Founder and Organizer of WordCamp Europe and Netherlands)
Alain Schlesser, Director of Technology at XWP
Andrey Lipattsev, Partner Development Manager at Google

Thank You For Making The Summit AMAZING! 🙌

Huge thank you to all the speakers, sponsors, partners, and of course, 10,567 of you incredible attendees! 
This was a brilliant week and we’re humbled to be able to deliver quality content to thousands of our peers year after year!

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