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Promote The Event

On the weeks and days leading to the event, make sure that you reach out to your network on your Social Media channels and let them know about the event and how they can get involved.

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Where should you connect to?

Your link to connect will be here closer to the event!

Tuesday – 25th April 
Thibaud & Drieshttps://streamyard.com/sp5ggkyish
PANEL: Investments & Acquisitionshttps://streamyard.com/fhh8qqthf5
Christian Jaegerhttps://streamyard.com/92sw2exwtb
Vito Peleghttps://streamyard.com/t4svd9ryr5
Talisha Lewallenhttps://streamyard.com/nbv4q9xztp
Ben Gablerhttps://streamyard.com/qafv3zhgye
Robert Windischhttps://streamyard.com/fmcek4786n
Imran Siddiqhttps://streamyard.com/6qhgw8x8xa
Tim Kelseyhttps://streamyard.com/52fjufhcv4
Wednesday- 26th April 
Ronni Christiansenhttps://streamyard.com/2y529kshji
PANEL: Communitieshttps://streamyard.com/u6cdx7am6g
Hans Skillrudhttps://streamyard.com/tc7tqadscm
John Falke & Johnny Flashhttps://streamyard.com/avgpdwu2hd
PANEL: WP Expansionhttps://streamyard.com/k2q9zvdyh6
James Girouxhttps://streamyard.com/hutpb6ubm7
Dimi Baitanciuchttps://streamyard.com/m7d8sv74ci
Tom Fanellihttps://streamyard.com/zp5huds5y8
Oscar de la Hera Gomezhttps://streamyard.com/yzugytagnb
Matt Pughhttps://streamyard.com/da9dtyjqbw
Thursday- 27th April 
Oded Ouakninehttps://streamyard.com/vr98mvs9wr
Maciek Palmowskihttps://streamyard.com/ce86gxe83b
PANEL: Page Buildershttps://streamyard.com/qvp97v8bir
PANEL: Cracking The Codehttps://streamyard.com/wmaisg9w4k
Jakob Trosthttps://streamyard.com/h777gk4dmr
Kristina Romerohttps://streamyard.com/ify6q2funu
Alex Panagishttps://streamyard.com/qxjq2gcqzg
Michelle Frechettehttps://streamyard.com/4zabd5bept
Beth Livingstonehttps://streamyard.com/vy5uhpseaq
Amber Hindshttps://streamyard.com/2hk8ue44p6
Friday – 28th April 
PANEL: Beyond Viral Videos:https://streamyard.com/dj6ufhtkkt
James Welbeshttps://streamyard.com/c75k6qwhid
Jono Aldersonhttps://streamyard.com/rcjrd52j7b
Vikas Singhalhttps://streamyard.com/zsercdha4n
Akshat Choudharyhttps://streamyard.com/h8s7bbdjei
PANEL: Embracing AIhttps://streamyard.com/dabc9dsdk2
Natasha Golinskyhttps://streamyard.com/x5mrc8n2gq
Nicole Osbornehttps://streamyard.com/s29mahcddx
Sarah Afshari,https://streamyard.com/djfq3zxijg

Confirmed Sessions

Can’t find your session in this list? If there’s still before the event, allow the host to add it. If the event is starting soon or already running, please notify the host.

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