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Racial equity is the just and fair inclusion into a society in which all can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential. In America today, from infant mortality to educational outcomes, to life expectancy, race predicts how well someone will do. To achieve equity, we must work to close the gap so that race does not predict one’s success, while at the same time improving outcomes for all. To accomplish this, we must:

  • Target strategies to focus improvements for those most affected
  • Move beyond “services” and focus on changing policies, institutions and structures
  • Align partners to take action and track progress

At Measurable Equity 2020, participants will virtually and interactively explore perspectives on race, racism, and racial and ethnic disparities. Participants will be able to customize their experience by choosing sessions from three tracks, including economic mobility, public health, and children and families. Global experts and practitioners will converge to share a wealth of historical, economic, and other data, and skilled facilitators will foster thoughtful analysis and dialogue. Participants will garner insights that are both profound and practical for understanding and choosing the roles we play when it comes to equity in America, our communities, and our organizations.

November 13th + 17th Online Virtual Convention

Join us online for a unique Convention experience

Live Sessions

Join global experts, practitioners, and skilled facilitators in thoughtful analysis and dialogue.

Create a Custom Learning Experience

Customize your experience by choosing sessions from economic mobility, public health, and children and families.

Collaborate and Inspire

Network with our speakers, partners, and sponsors in our unique video lounge.

Discover New Tools and Resources

Visit our virtual sponsor booths to discover helpful tools and create lasting relationships to advance your mission.

Take a Deeper Dive

Connect with other conference attendees and discuss what matters to you most in our virtual open space hangouts.

Continue Learning

Engage in continuous improvement and keep the momentum going by attending our post-conference workshops on November 17th.

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Conference at a glance:

Conference proceeds:

50% of conference registration profits will be donated to the “Winning on Equity” Fund at San Francisco Foundation, established by PolicyLink to support vital work of grass-roots organizations.

Free Community Racial Equity Scorecard: 

Clear Impact will provide a Scorecard with 50 free Scorecard metrics to track the 9 indicators (chosen by PolicyLink in the National Equity Atlas and their disaggregated data) to any community nationally/globally that signs on. Data is available for 100 communities, 150 cities and all 50 states.

Some of the confirmed speakers for the upcoming event

Nov 13th + 17th 2020
Online Virtual Experience

We are so excited to learn and grow with you in the pursuit to advance racial equity. Our global experts and practitioners will converge to share a wealth of historical, economic, and other data, and we will foster thoughtful analysis and dialogue.

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