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A free WordPress Newsletter, once a week, with a round-up of WordPress news and articles.
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WP Tuts

Teaching how to use WordPress, Elementor, Advanced Custom Fields, Crocoblock, dynamic web design and more
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CodeinWP is a blog about all things WordPress
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The WP Weekly

The Weekly Newsletter for WordPress Professionals
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WP Founders

A Cause to Inspire Young WordPress Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
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Trailblazer FM Podcast

Transform your web agency through small, achievable actions that lead to BIG change.
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Mobilizing marketing and technology volunteers to serve nonprofits worldwide!
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Post Status

Post Status provides top-tier industry news, analysis, thought leadership, job listings, and networking opportunities in our Slack community.
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Stunning Digital Marketing

Do You Want To Generate Leads Which Convert to Sales to Help your Business using a Very Personal Touch?
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One-on-one business development and marketing coaching for digital agency owners. The Wunderstars 1-on-1 programme is the perfect choice for busy entrepreneurs.
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WP Content

WordPress news & articles from the WordPress community. Submit news and articles, and vote up articles. Curated WordPress news by the community.
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The Repository

The Repository is a free weekly round-up of news in the WordPress ecosystem, told via the latest headlines and tweets every Friday.
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Focus on what you love, outsource the rest. Add an Instant Team of creative & technical staff to tackle more projects, offer more services and wow your clients.
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Freelancer’s Tools

Freelancers Tools is a directory of various quality tools and resources curated over the years from the Community & personal experiences to help freelancers to reduce their costs.
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WP Builds

A WordPress podcast packed full of things that you either don't want to know or are clever enough to work out that we just made up!
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Do The Woo

Connecting, informing and supporting the WooCommerce Builder Community
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Thank You For Making The Summit AMAZING! 🙌

Huge thank you to all the speakers, sponsors, partners, and of course, 10,567 of you incredible attendees! 
This was a brilliant week and we’re humbled to be able to deliver quality content to thousands of our peers year after year!

If you want to dive into all the mind-blowing advice that 40+ experts have shared on our stage, please support the summit and power up your upcoming year with our All Access Pass and get LIFETIME access to all 40+ hours of the sessions.

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Option 1: Check the 2 Connection Buttons (mic/camera) Within the Video Window:

MAke sure your microphone and camera are turned on from the icons. If you still can’t speak or broadcast video, click the little arrow icons to choose a different min/camera from your device.


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